Blue Flower

We are a legally registered firm operating in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Sudan specializing in Public Health, Project planning and Management. We comprise a team of highly skilled, experienced and disciplined consultants that is able to provide you with affordable services. (More on our Consultants - Click Here)

We aid organizations develop strategic plans, conduct SWOT analysis, develop proposals, design sustainability plans, manage and evaluate programs/projects. We further assess the performance, competence and capacity of organizations and find ways to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. (More on our Services - Click Here)

Our company is among the few within the pool of consultancy firms that provide services to the World Bank (WB), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), United Nations Relief and Work Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). Our UNGM is 400425. We also provide services to local and regional organizations such as East African Youth Agency, Doko Enterprizes Limited, Nabigganda Millers and many others.

How effective is your Program/Organization Sustainability Plan?

Program Sustainability is about program visibility, community involvement, diverse funding and the integration into community systems but does program sustainability inevitably lead to Organization sustainability???

An Organization/institution is sustainable if it appears to have the strength to survive and develop long enough to fulfill its functions. 

Program Sustainability therefore means not starting over with the next grant but that all your hard work has long lasting value to your community. New projects and programs are only part of the evolving and changing community system


When does your Organization need a consultant?

Many people fail to realize that irrespective of whether or not they can define or label a phenomenon, that phenomenon is still real and continues to function. 

Consultants are instruments of standard; there to help you understand and improve your organizational performance. Every organization needs consultants as frequent as its capabilities to contract them.

It is easy for an organization to know where it wants to be and transform in-order to get there but it is often difficult sustaining change. At each stage of organizational growth, there is demand within the entity for systems and technical improvements though if you fail to recognize this, then the entity will slowly collapse within.

As an organisation, you need to hire a consultant not less than once in a year. At this minimum, each consultancy assignment should be different from the previous such that all technical areas within the organization are evaluated a minimum of once every 5 years.